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Choosing A Doctor

Chemistry between a doctor and patient is hard to describe, but can be one of the most important values in choosing a doctor to perform an aesthetic procedure. It goes with out saying, the doctor should be qualified. Important markers for qualification are knowledge and experience, training and reputation. Some of these qualities can be confirmed by ensuring that the doctor is board certified, and other qualities can only be assessed during a face-to-face meeting.

Chicago Specialists provides you with a live liaison to work with you to find the right doctor. We will arrange a complementary consultation with doctors who will work with you. During the consultation, they will answer your questions about them, the procedures, and most importantly your aesthetic goals.

This liaison will help you map out a plan to take advantage of services that you need now and may need in the future. Today you may need minor facial rejuvenation, and are considering a breast augmentation. Tomorrow you may need teeth whitening and smile restoration. Whatever you needs, we help you create the plan and find the services you need.

We call this a total approach.



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